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Pursue your dream of Learning Music...

Specializing in beginning and intermediate piano students of all ages, I work with all student levels and abilities to provide training in piano. Learning piano and music theory should be enjoyable - I teach it that way!

Most of my students come to my established music and practice studio, however I can travel to your home.

I have studied piano since I was a young child, originally concentrating in classical, and traditional ethnic music, with the last 10 years focusing on jazz. I teach students to read music classically, and also to read and write lead sheets (i.e., chord sheets). I have a specific curriculum that I follow with an emphasis on proper technique. Mostly, I want my students to experience the joy that playing piano brings, and the confidence it builds in their everyday life.

In teaching piano, I emphasize foundational piano technique from the beginning, along with general musicianship. I like to incorporate teaching of general musical concepts, while encouraging creativity and imagination in my younger students while maintaining high standards in technique from beginners to advanced.

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